In the whirlwind of life

In the whirlwind of life

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It’s been months since I’ve taken the time to come and sleep here. I missed time, life and its intense moments won! The last article I wrote here is from May and the post-contest period. I had the pill to swallow and my family to find. So I took about 6 months to come back. Maybe it’s time to give you some news? 😉 So I drop my class on the theories of learning and I tell you more.

I am busy, overwhelmed, but also motivated and enthusiastic. Summer has gone at a crazy speed. A whirlwind of ballads, getaways, barbecue, watered nights, small pleasures, sharing with the people we love … The whirlwind of life as Jeanne said! We laughed, we loved, we ate, we had fun. It had been months since I had deprived myself of this social life that I love so much. So this summer, it was without deprivation and I followed the adage of my favorite novel: Eat, Pray, Love. I needed this time to refocus, to find myself too. I affirmed my choices after having posed on papers dozens and dozens of questions.

Today, I am still carried away. In fact, since September. No since June! I do not stop. I found my taste for living, sharing, enjoying and all intensely. I would not have believed it 3 years ago. I have advanced and it feels good to look a little back to see how far we have come.

I took the bull by the horns after the encouragement of my relatives to embark on a new preparation for the contest. I do not give up. I am exactly where I should be when I am in a classroom, facing students. I trust my choice. My skills and knowledge are built a little more each day. And for that, I also registered in Master MEEF. Ok, technically, it’s hot! I have to be honest, I spend my time juggling between classes, the prep school’s duty, children, school life and out of school, couple life, social life … I do not have a minute to myself, except the night for regenerate myself physiologically. Surprisingly, I wish! This whirlwind of physical and cerebral activity takes me away and stimulates me. I’m having fun ! And pumin, that it’s good!

Obviously, I will lie to you if I told you that there are never any quacks! I lost in the tide some friendships, I lost a few grams too (but it was not luxury after the winter / summer, do not scratch the mention useless;)). I sorted through my papers, ideas and projects. KonMari just has to stand!

Children adapt well to this fast pace. Largely thanks to the Lover who officially transformed into Tony Michelli! He manages children, baths, shopping, housework, planning and other domestic activities like a chef! I would say that he blossomed in this new role but shh, he has not yet realized! My Zebrelle blossoms in school and music. She passed that difficult course she was looking for. She knows it and she says it (O joy of adolescence that shows up!). My viking manages his anger better and learns to channel himself into his activities. And the last, hurricane or bustle of choice, is indomitable in the crisis of 3 years. It is therefore a pleasure to do the police constantly and alternate cropping and sharing! In fact, my family is a happy mess, let’s be clear! But I stop more and more to look at them and smile stupidly saying: Flutin, that I love my life! (yes, I like pumin and goblin, but astudy said that smart people said a lot like that!)

So this is it. The year 2016-2017 was one more page and 2017-2018 starts with a big fanfare! The objective of this year is to validate the Master 1, to celebrate the social events with dignity, to lose another 5 kilos and to raise my points at the next test of the contest. What? I do not intend to have it this time? Well, but I do not put pressure on myself anymore, as I did last year. I know what I want to do, what I will do but it will happen in due course, I am sure. Meditation helps me remember it when I’m in a panic about the mountain of work! : D

In short, I changed my habits, confirm my projects, and upset my way of seeing life! The burn out is definitely behind me and this despite some doubts (but doubt a little, is it not essential to take a step back and move forward?). I am more active on Instagram than on the blog or Facebook . I post according to my desires, my moods, my readings. I took the pleasure of doing When I want, Where I want!

So, see you soon here or there! 😉

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